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Dentist Forest Lake QLD - Ask us about Invisalign and Teeth Whitening

Your dental expert in Forest Lake…

At Lake Dental we are dedicated to enriching the smiles and total oral health of your entire family. We understand the importance of a beautiful, healthy smile and as such we take special care in designing treatment plans to suit your individual needs and desires. We are your local dentist in Forest Lake.

The link between your oral and overall health…

Recent studies have shown a strong link between your oral health and that of the entire body. Serious health risks such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke have been linked to the health of your teeth and gums, and in response to this we can create a professional and at-home preventive care program to enhance your oral and overall wellbeing.

Comfort and care in our modern dental practice…

Our team of dental professionals provide highly advanced dental treatments to achieve stellar results in the most comfortable and virtually pain-free manner possible. Our revolutionary treatment methods such as ‘same day crowns’ and ‘drill-free dentistry’ are designed with your comfort and care in mind.

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