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Orthodontics at Lake Dental

young girl with orthodontics holding watermelonWhether you have a few teeth that aren’t perfectly straight or need more comprehensive alignment work, Lake Dental can help. We offer several different orthodontic options and can advise you on which will best suit your needs.

If you have been told before that you need to have teeth extracted before you will be a suitable candidate for orthodontics, that may not be the case with the solutions we offer. We’ll be happy to evaluate your dentition and give you our recommendations.


The majority of cases are ideal for Invisalign, including teenagers. Our advanced scanning technology eliminates the need for uncomfortable molds and long wait times. Within minutes, you’ll see a 3D model from all sides that shows you what your teeth will look like when treatment is completed. The amount of time you’ll wear your aligners depends on how much shifting is desired.

Quick Straight Teeth™

If you want to get results in as little as six months, this relatively simple procedure may be appropriate. It uses aligners or fixed braces, depending on your situation. It’s affordable, at about half the cost of traditional braces.

Post-orthodontic Treatment

Maintain your beautiful smile after you’ve completed your orthodontics. You won’t have to wear a retainer with our post-treatment options:

Myofunctional Training

The tongue and surrounding muscles don’t always work as they should, resulting in problems such as tongue thrusting. Such issues can cause a relapse after your orthodontic treatment. Myofunctional training retrains your tongue and muscles to work correctly, ensuring your teeth stay straight without having to wear a retainer.

Digital Occlusal Analysis

Your bite can be objectively measured with this form of analysis. It demonstrates the forces that you put on each tooth. If your bite is uneven after orthodontic treatment, we can see where it’s happening and determine how to correct it.

new patient at lake dentalOrthodontics Options

Schedule your appointment with our knowledgeable, caring team today! We can help you decide on the best orthodontic treatment and offer friendly payment plans.



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