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Gum Disease Treatment in Forest Lake

Periodontal Therapy

Woman holding her mouthBoth gum disease and periodontal disease are common dental issues which have the ability to greatly impact your oral health and overall wellbeing. Not only do they affect the way soft tissues and bone structures connect to and support your teeth, but as the disease worsens, it has the potential to cause so much bone loss that teeth become mobile and fall out.

Thankfully, the professional and experienced team at Lake Dental can help you to prevent gum disease altogether.

If you’re already experiencing signs of periodontal disease, then a check-up with our dentist should be scheduled as soon as possible to avoid more serious (and in some cases, irreversible) damage.


What Causes Periodontal Disease?

Gum disease begins as gingivitis, a common condition that is caused when plaque biofilm is left along the gum lines for a lengthy period. This is when gum disease is in its earliest and most treatable stages. As the condition worsens, however, the plaque which isn’t properly removed hardens, turning into what is known as tartar or calculus (calcified plaque). When this tartar or calculus is further left within the mouth, the gum disease continues to spread, resulting in more complex concerns such as gum detachment and bone loss.

What to Look Out For:
The Signs of Gum Disease

Illustration of the stages of gum diseaseIn order to treat gum disease in its early stages, it is vital that you’re aware of the disease’s warning signs and symptoms. These include:

  • Bad breath (also known as halitosis)
  • Swollen, bleeding gums (particularly while brushing or flossing)
  • Loose teeth or tooth mobility
  • Gum recession
  • Pain and discomfort when biting and chewing

Even if you are only experiencing one of these symptoms, it is important you schedule a visit to Lake Dental so our oral health care professionals can assess and monitor your situation.

Health Risks Associated with Periodontal Disease

Did you know active gum disease can severely affect your body’s immune system, increasing your risk of potentially life-threatening health problems such as cardiovascular disease (including heart attack and stroke), diabetes, infertility, and pneumonia? Periodontal disease can also affect your unborn child, as it has been linked to premature birth and low birth weight in the past.

How We Treat
Gum Disease

While routine check ups and cleans are vital for preventing conditions such as gingivitis, there are also some measures we put in place to treat and reverse gum disease once it has formed.

Our periodontal therapy involves a series of scalings and deep cleans to remove calcified tartar, bacteria, and active infection.

Schedule a Consultation Today!

Are you experiencing any of the warning signs of gingivitis or gum disease, or simply wish to find out more about this health problem? Please schedule a consultation with our friendly team today!

* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


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